Tales From The Downslope: A New Magazine From Clayton Campbell

Tales From The Downslope:  A New Magazine From Clayton Campbell

I am pleased to announce the release of my new E-publication, Tales From The Downslope: But Picking Up Speed Really Fast. This first edition, 46 page magazine contains my new and recent photographs, short stories, and commentary about my work. The magazines features a 2018 portfolio of self portraits that are a self deprecating look at aging; a selection of photo montage tableaux from the 2015 Wild Kingdom series; assorted brand new still life flower I-photos; the new short story Kafka Signs Up For Social Security; and the first three chapters of my serial novella, newly revised from its 2015 version, The 1% War.

I will be releasing new editions every 3-4 months that will include more visual art and writing, essays and ephemera, and the continuing serial novella, The 1% War. This publishing project is my way of surveying and reviewing my career, as well as putting out new work to friends and to a new audience. At this point, I am not interested in any kind of profit from this effort, and its entirely self funded. Art doesn’t always need to have a price on it, and this is my gift back to all of those who have supported me along the way.

Tales From The Downslope is available at no cost as an E-Book on your Mac platform, or as a PDF on a PC platform. It can be purchased at printing cost only as an 11″ x 8.5″ full color, beautiful deluxe printed magazine for $10.00 plus shipping. To download or purchase, click on this link, and enjoy!


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