Letters In Exile,#3

Letters In Exile,#3

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Image from the video- “A Snake and a Bat are Girlfriends of the Octopus,” 2019-21

In her third blog, Maria considers the testimony of four artists from Ukraine and Russia. Each speaks powerfully about how the war is impacting them. We like to say artists speak truth to power. Courageous artists do this, yet often with severe consequences. Some of them are highlighted in the blog. Maria speaks to the trauma of war, exile and disruption, how it creates memories that may never be dispelled. Like an earthquake, it is visceral and ripples through the body, reemerging with each new tremor. Like so many artists, historically and in the present, she questions the relevance of her practice in the face of the violent end of meaning, rationality, and order.

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